Waste Free & Sexy

My head may be in the gutter but I’m still living clean. Here are some ways you can be waste-free and sexy whether you’re riding solo or dirtying the sheets with a partner(s). Are you practicing sustainable sex?

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Green and yellow leaves on croton plant named Caleb.

Plants: Caleb the Croton

From plant parent to future farmer, I’m sharing what I learn about plants and gardening! Today I’ll chat about Caleb the Croton; one of my first indoor plants.

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Mountain range in the distance from a hiking trail on a sunny day in West Virginia.

5 Ways To Change The World

During the BLM protests of 2020 when the internet was flooded with petitions and donation sites, I was exposed to all the ways I could help others from home. Make the world a better place today!

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i have the world in my hands

Thank you so much to Photowall for the wonderful art! Photowall is a website specializing in art for everyone. Check out my review on the wonderful world map piece I was gifteD.

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not JUST water 💦

JUST water sent me the sweetest care package during quarantine and I’d like to share how grateful I am for this company. What’s your favorite flavor of JUST sustainable spring water?

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Welcome To My Website

Bri Cruz is live! Read more about the website and creator behind the screen. As she writes about her two passions; art and music, she hopes to celebrate and support artists who inspire her.

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