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From regularly scheduled blog posts and artwork for sale in the shop to what’s new on Say Cheeze! and Our Vinyl Collection, this website is a portfolio of all that is me (on the internet anyway). In addition to building a digital collection of my life’s work, I hope to celebrate artists I admire as well as document my dream life unfolding before my eyes. Some topics you’ll commonly on this website are art, music, and insight to my experience living in Philadelphia.

Who am I?


My name is Bri Cruz, today I’m twenty-four years old and living in Philadelphia, PA.

You may know me from my past websites or writings, but hey internet— I’m returning once again more excited than ever! After taking some time away from the screen to explore my passions, I couldn’t help but long to do the thing I know and love: write.

After years of the blogging community telling me to niche down and find my audience, I decided to finally give in to my true passions and completely submerge myself in their contents- music and art.

Thanks to my wonderful parents, I was introduced to music well before I could even crawl. Growing up on everything from Ricky Martin to DMX has allowed me the luxury of enjoying an expansive and diverse music library. Blues, rock, country, rap, and the rest; I enjoy and appreciate them all. Music, second to oxygen, is what’s kept me living all my life. In addition to listening for pleasure, I’ve also spent several periods of my life studying music. Being involved in musical theater since the early 2000’s paved a life of voice and instrument lessons; piano, flute, and violin are some of the instruments I’ve spent time learning.

During my (brief) time in college I rediscovered what I had known since the days I was gluing popsicle sticks to pages and calling it a masterpiece: I am an artist. As I continue my independent study of art while discovering my style, I hope to share what I learn and admire, as well as document my journey as a young, budding artist. Additionally, I hope to use my platform to celebrate and uplift artists who inspire me. My current studies include painting, photography, and poetry.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

Interviews with artists of all kinds!

Regular shop updates with new artwork, digital downloads + more!

My honest opinion and charming sense of humor! 😉

You’ll get to hear from me often!

Thank you so much for your love and support. If you liked this post, feel free to send it to a friend! More importantly, leave me a comment with a little something about you!

WordPress today, Rolling Stones tomorrow.

stay safe, Bri Cruz 😋

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