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Originally posted on in 2020.

The greatest advice I’ve ever taken is, “instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do.” After acknowledging that college wasn’t for me in 2018, I took a pause from life and realized I wasn’t at all the person I wanted to be. The only thing I paid less attention to than my mental health, was proper nutrition & my environmental impact. I realized my actions didn’t align with my purpose and it was time to make a change.

“I can drink more water than I did yesterday,” I said, as someone who drank about 1-2 glasses of water a day in December of that year. That was the first habit I wanted to build as someone who failed time and time again to make it past the 3rd day of her 30 day healthier you challenge. Three reusable water bottles later & I am proud to say I get my eight glasses a day at the very the least. In 2020, I came across my journal entry for the day I started this one habit and reflected on the ripple effect.

Just drinking water kinda helped me change my life.

Early on during quarantine, I came across JUST water at a gas station near my house. Of course, I brought home the three flavors they had (cherry being my favorite) and I’ve been in love with the brand since! JUST not only helped me stay on top of drinking more water every day, they allowed me to stay true to my beliefs and mindful of my impact on our planet.

Last summer I reached out to the company with hopes of creating some content to let the world know how much I appreciate their company. In addition to all the amazing things they do for our planet, JUST water gifted me a variety pack with four flavors (reg, lemon, blackberry, and cherry) and a six-pack of one-liter spring waters. I figured the least I could do to show my appreciation was share with you all just how much I love JUST!

Not only is JUST sustainably sourced on the inside (shout out to my home state New York!), the colorful cartons are also plant-based and eco-friendly. These cute water containers are made of 71% renewable content and can be reused a dozen times! After using them for quite some time as water bottles, I reused a few of the containers in other ways to keep the vibe alive. Currently, I have one cut in half that I’m using as a planter until I find the perfect pot to replant sage and I keep a liter near my bed for those late night water chugs.


More inspiring than the work JUST puts into making the world a cleaner place, is the story of how it got founded. At only 10 years old, Jaeden Smith created an eco-friendly idea while surfing, surrounded by plastic pollution. In addition to learning more about the company, the JUST website is a great resource to learn about plant based plastics, plastic waste, and how you can make the world a better place by switching the water you purchase!

“I want to make it easier [for people] to be part of the solution.”


After I drank all the water, I reused the water bottle multiple ways. I found myself with some colorful reusable water bottles, earth-friendly planters to start growing seeds in, and temporary water jugs for my outdoor plants! (Let me know in the comments if you want to see what that’s about 🌱)

What’s one brand or product that has helped you live a more waste-free life?

Thank you JUST for all you do for the planet!

stay safe, Bri Cruz

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