Our Intimate 100+ Vinyl Record Collection in a Nutshell (Newsletter)

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Hey, are you a vinyl record collector? A music enthusiast looking to discover new tunes straight to your inbox? Check out this newsletter, Our Vinyl Collection, for a weekly record from our collection sent to your email thanks to Substack!

Our Vinyl Collection is a newsletter I started to share the beautiful, quickly evolving, colorful records my boyfriend and I have added to our now 100+ vinyl record collection. Our collection has helped us learn so much more about the history behind our favorite music and artists.

Too beautiful for words, each week you’ll be sent the cover of our favorite record that week. Maybe there’s a theme, maybe it’s just what felt like a Tuesday morning. We’re excited to share our collection with you and connect with other vinyl lovers.

If checking your email weekly for a newsletter isn’t your thing, can I interest you in a podcast? Click here to find out more about my podcast, Say Cheeze! where I interview artists and talk about the musical side of my life with you every month!

Every Tuesday check in for a new record we’re celebrating!

Check out some of the records we’ve shared so far:

Today on OVC, I asked friends to vote on which genre I should we should talk about. You can check out the letter here on Substack before deciding if you want to sign up for the weekly email (which you probably will, just sayin)!

Where do you go to find new music?

stay safe, Bri Cruz

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  1. This is such a cool idea! It so great that you get to share this not only with your boyfriend, but with all of us here! Will definitely be keeping an eye on your stuff – I look forward to reading your other posts!

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