The Art of Taking Nudes: 5 Tips for Sexy Pics

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Originally Post July 29, 2020 on Bri Cuz I Said So.

Hello sunshine, due to quarantine you’ve probably spent too much time away from your significant other and you’re both ready to spice things up. When texting just doesn’t cut it, the most important thing to remember is; a picture is worth a thousand words! Like other types of photography, taking nudes is a form of art and should be treated as such. So artist, are you ready to paint your canvas?

Before anything, it’s important to acknowledge the intention of your nudes; if you trust the receiver intimately, you willingly would like to take and send nudes, and you’re feeling a little sexy then it’s time to get to it. If you’re trying to take fire nudes, for personal or professional use, keep reading; this guide is for you!

Set The Mood

Have you ever heard the saying, “before you can be sexy with someone else, first you must be sexy with yourself”? Okay so I may have swapped the word love out for sexy, but I think the concept still applies! The number one way to look hot and sexy in your nudes is by taking nudes when you feel hot and sexy. 

Similarly to setting the mood with your partner, do things that get your blood racing and help you feel like your sexiest self. Now’s the time to break out that pound town playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine and maybe take a nice warm bath before getting to work. Hell, you might even want to start in the bath! Create a comfortable area for you to set up shop with your camera and gather any materials you may need to get in the zone.

tip – One great way to set the mood is by looking at pics, videos, or old messages for inspiration to draw on during your DIY photoshoot.

Dress For Success

Break out your favorite lingerie or bare your birthday suit; either way, it’s important to note that while our dictionary defines the phrase ‘ send nudes’ to directly mean ‘ send naked pictures’ it’s up to you as the model and photographer to define what being nude means to you. A person can be clothed from head to toe and still take an incredibly sexy photo. How? By being completely comfortable and confident! 

Nudity doesn’t always equal sexy, it’s up to you to set the tone while staying true to yourself. There are ways to get out of your comfort zone without completely giving up the goods. If being completely naked isn’t your thing, try a different approach. Cover ups that won’t kill the mood include a sexy costume outfit, lingerie, matching sets, a towel, blanket, soap suds or even your hands!

I’d like to point out that ‘nude’ can sometimes be synonymous with the word vulnerable. While this can sometimes be expressed through our clothing (or lack thereof), your vulnerability can also be expressed through other elements of the photo such as lighting and poses.

Props & Toys

You may have been wondering, “what materials could I possibly need to gather for this?” and I’m here to tell you while the list goes on and on, this section is strictly based on personal preference. From toys and lubes to foods and household objects, this is the part of your shoot that completely relies on artistic expression. Use this time to experiment with something new or hint at secret fantasizes by incorporating suggestive items in your shots. Something as simple as a rope wrapped around you can change the entire tone of a picture. Knowing some of your partner’s interests when choosing things to pose with can make all the difference. 

Realistically, the only things you need to take fire nudes are a camera and a body. This can be a great time to simply show what you’d like your person to do to you the next time you see each other. One prop all DIY nude models will find helpful is a tripod but if you don’t already have one, don’t fret! Set up your phone or camera in a secure spot and use the timer.

Know Your Angles

Studies show that some of the best nudes are taken from an overhead angle. (By studies, I mean nudes I’ve sent and received…) Before taking the official shot, play around with different poses; kneeling, bending over, and laying down are some popular positions to try. If you’re not comfortable taking full body pictures or would rather not include certain body parts (i.e. your face), get crafty when looking for angles that accentuate and show of your best assets.

This is where defining your nudity comes into play; if you’ve decided to try a less-revealing outfit, consider a more risque pose! On the other hand, if you chose to bear it all consider poses that might conceal certain body parts to create flirty or teasing body language. If you know your partner’s favorite positions or features on you, focus on those in a few of your shots. Taking multiple shots will not only provide you with a few options to send later, but it’ll also give you a chance to admire all your sexy work!

tip – Consider trying an angle from their point of view. How would they see you if they were with you rather than your tripod? 

Lighting + Setting

As with any photography subject, good lighting and a nice backdrop are key elements for bomb nudes. Remember: lighting also plays a role in setting the mood so it’s best to avoid harsh, bright lights. Using flash when taking nudes may also distort the vibes you’re aiming for in these pics. Lights you’d typically use to create a romantic atmosphere such as candles or string lights may be helpful if natural light isn’t available during your nude shoot. When scoping places to set up shop in your bedroom or apartment, try looking for places with natural light, spots with mirror access, and spaces with little distraction or mess in the background. 

tip – The two spots in your house that are typically the best places to take nudes include your bed and the shower.

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