Sustainable is the New Sexy: Tips for Sustainable Sex

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While we’re getting to know each other better, I thought we could chat about two of my passions; sustainable living and good sex. When it comes to having sex, it probably seems like the only thing you’re really wasting is time but the heat of the moment could lead us to an even hotter topic: our environmental impact and Global Warming. The planet may be the last thing you’re thinking of when it’s time to get naughty, but in case it crosses your mind;

Here are a few ways you can be waste-free & sexy


Keep the electricity flowing without flipping on any switches. Not only do candles set the mood, they’ll also keep you from mindlessly using electricity during a time you won’t care if the lights are on or off. Want to take things to the next level? Shop local for all-natural, sustainably made candles.

Thanks to Uncle Eli’s in downtown State College, I found a beautiful beeswax candle from Sunbeam Candles that not only has around 60 hours of burn time, but also has helped me build a bridge between my spirituality and sensuality. 


The thing about sex is, for the most part, it will never be completely waste-free but that’s totally okay! Fun fact: both latex and lambskin condoms are biodegradable but you should still avoid tossing them in the toilet for fish’s sake! While you may not want to send another piece of rubber to the wastelands, this one is essential to your health and safety. Don’t even fret – there are so many eco-friendly condom options. Safe sex just got a whole lot safer – check out these vegan condom brands!



First and foremost, I urge you to do research and find things most enjoyable for you. While the world presents unlimited access to unlimited ways to get off, sometimes less really is more and sticking to the basics can be an exciting way to rediscover yourself. I encourage you to explore yourself and connect with your body in a more sensual way. Before making any purchases or watching any videos, spend some alone time with your senses, hands, and thoughts.

other ways to make the saftest sex safer:

-support erotic authors

use something you already have

-shout out to The Chronicle at Duke for having you covered on how to ethically watch porn right now.


Again, using things you have on hand is the most eco-friendly option when playing at home but always remember to be safe. If you’re also trying to cut costs consider making swaps like using saliva rather than lube. SheKnows has a brilliant list of 7 Eco-friendly products you can use alone or with help. Adopting a sustainable sex life can become a game in itself, have some fun with it! If you find yourself with a collection of toys and lingerie sets that aren’t earth-friendly – that’s also totally cool! Use them until they no longer serve a purpose for you then find the safest and cleanest ways to dispose of them.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


Your time together doesn’t have to end just because the moment has – hop in the shower together to save some water! No time for a shower? Use a washcloth or towel rather than a tissue or paper towel. You know that one shirt that’s stained but you don’t want to throw it out cause ~memories~? Well this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Re-purpose your unwanted clothes that aren’t Sal Val worthy for those messy moments in bed.

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until next time, Bri Cruz

Feature Image: Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

originally post July 2020 on Bri Cuz I Said So.

4 thoughts on “Sustainable is the New Sexy: Tips for Sustainable Sex

  1. OMG “STOP FLUSHING CONDOMS DOWN THE TOILET!” who does that??? I’m shocked to find out there are people who actually do this, I personally never heard of anything like this.

    We should all become a little more sustainable on our action, it will make a difference.

    1. I was equally as shocked when I found out especially during my time in college, I was mortified!!!
      You’re absolutely right though, I try to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to my work and hobbies. Being an artist and sexual being can be especially wasteful so i hope to help others like me be a little more Earth friendly 💚
      Thanks so much for reading!

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