Our Vinyl Collection’s Favorite Subscription Box

Shortly after we brought our record player home, Instagram picked up on the vibes and our ads were serving us all the essentials for vinyl record collectors. Before we knew it we were making several pro and con lists for each record subscription box out there and reading all the reviews. It took a few days but we finally came to a decision and looking back, we can definitely say we made the right choice.

Black Box Record Club has stolen our hearts.

Check out my new video where I unbox our most recent monthly package: 2 new vinyl records!

I have a major crush on subscription boxes right now, there’s one for absolutely everything! Black Box Record Club is the best subscription box for us because our record player is one contraption we use almost every day and absolutely adore. Although we don’t get the thrill of the hunt, it’s always a fun surprise to see whats our box is contributing to our collection each month.

You can check out Black Box Record Club here and enjoy your own personally curated monthly box of two new vinyl records.

Until next time,

Bri Cruz

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