Unboxing My Feelings on My Grove Collaborative Purchase | Is It Worth It?

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During my time in quarantine, I challenged myself to reduce my waste and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. I realized in addition to the financial burdens it was creating, my terrible shopping habit was also costing the planet. While everyone around me was Amazon Priming to their hearts desire, I made it my mission to find a way to have my cake and eat it too – I was going to learn how to be the most sustainable savvy shopper I could be (on a budget, duh).

After pouring through every blog and YouTube channel in the land, I found myself questioning how I could both stop shopping and still have the things I need in life like tooth paste and sponges but ~sustainably~ without draining my bank account?? Going into Walmart with my reusable bag was feeling more like a bad joke on every trip to the store. Sure I could buy all-natural, planet friendly products there but something about the lack of accountability just didn’t sit right with me. On the other hand – there’s the perspective that sustainable living is expensive and could I really afford to not walk around the corner to the store to get my dish soap?

This realization taught me that while I may not be able to single-handedly change the world, I can change the way I impact the world with a single hand.

I acknowledged that what I want might not always be accessible to me how I want it to be and if I truly desire to be more sustainable that was something I would have to work through. It wasn’t long after I started looking for a brand I could stand behind, that I found Grove Collaborative – a company who makes sustainable shopping as easy 1…2…3… I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first (I’m not a major online shopper) but Grove pulled me in with the free offers they were sending my way and before I knew it, free shipping was calling my name! In all the excitement, I made it a point to remember to be intentional during my first time as an official sustainable shopper so I stuck to what was already on our list and kept our upcoming camping trips in mind.

I’m definitely the type of gal who’s way too excited to set up my camera every time I walk in the door with a package. This week I decided to unbox my feelings on my most recent Grove Collaborative purchase and talk about what was worth it and what wasn’t. With seven free items in my cart and free shipping, the total for my purchase was $53 (two dollars less than what I saved!!) which has me feeling a bit better about the cost of sustainable living. Check out the link below for a major savings on your first Grove Collaborative purchase:

Here are my favorites from my first Grove purchase:

Mrs. Meyer Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Cleaner

The best thing about receiving this spray was the inevitable cleaning spree it sent me on. I moved from the bathroom to the living room to the kitchen up to the bedroom using this on absolutely every dusty, sticky, or questionable countertop I came across. On some surfaces, it felt like it left a little bit of a coating but that could just be what clean feels like I guess.

Walnut Scrubber Sponge

Being sensitive to kitchen smells, I’ve always been pretty selective of my sponges and the fact that these were FREE makes them that much better. Not only does this sponge seem to be lasting longer than others I’ve used, I love the fact that this sponge is made from plants and recycled material. I’ll probably add one of these in to all my future Grove orders if I’m being totally honest.

Reusable Bag Set

I’ve been looking for a plastic baggie substitute for a while now (that wasn’t tubber ware) and I’m so GRATEFUL to finally have found these! Unfortunately the first time I washed these, the water was waaay too hot and it melted the bottom of the large baggie in a few spots. On the plus side I have a few ideas on how I can still use it on our upcoming road trips and I have a justifiable reason to get a few more.

Mrs. Meyer’s Oat Blossom Body Lotion

Natural body lotion that smells good AND moisturizes my entire body? Yes please! I love the warm oat scent of this cruelty free formula and recommend using this immediately after your shower. After only two weeks, I’ve already notice a change in the softness of my skin and Alex absolutely melts from the scent which isn’t bad either 😉

3 Reusable Face Masks

With the discount for our first purchase, these masks ended up costing only $8.95!

These organic face masks were an essential for our recent road trip & were the perfect colors to bring in Spring! Not only are they the perfect size with adjustable straps, I personally love how adorable we look with our indirectly matching masks. In addition to how safe and stylish these are, I find these are the most affordable organic mask packs on the web!

Choose your FREE gift set with first purchase of $29+ : Sets ranging from Mrs. Meyer’s to Grove’s plastic-free line!

Receiving my Grove Collab package was super exciting but trying out all these new earth-friendly products was way more fun! Unfortunately (at no fault of Grove) there were a few items in my box I’ll be skipping next time…. but you’ll have to stay tuned for this week’s YouTube video where I unbox my full feelings on every product in my very first order! For now, I will say that my purchase was definitely worth it and I recommend checking out their website if you’re interested in a more sustainable way of living that’s also affordable.

I know we all love a good cliff hanger 😉

Have you shopped with Grove Collaborative? Drop your favorite products in the comments for some ideas on what to order in my next box!

Learn more about how Sustainability is at the core of Grove’s mission

Until next time,

Bri Cruz

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  1. These are so some great ideas!! I love that you’re starting to challenge yourself. I have switched to re-useable masks as I think they are great. I am slowly starting to switch other products too and will check out the ones you have suggested. Very motivational and honest post!

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