Creating My Best Life: It’s Nice to Meet You, Let’s Spend the Summer Together

There’s no doubt that this summer is going to be one for the books with everyone rushing back into the world. Vaccination cards in hand, we’re ready to have the most fun in the sun as possible (and of course under the moon too 😉)! In addition to camping and our east coast tour, I’m excited to spend the summer exploring a new city, looking for our next apartment & creating my best life.

So *cue Phineas and Ferb intro* what will 104 days of summer vacation look like for you?

With all the excitement in the air of the summer in store, I’m gushing to extend the invitation for you to spend it with me! You get a front-row seat on the road trips, to the concerts, and through the record stores. I’ll admit I considered putting all my creations (the blog, channel, etc.) on pause for the summer to do some more soul searching but to be honest with you – this is the most me I’ve felt in a hawt minute. In addition to all the amazing video and photography opportunities that (I hope) pop up on the road, the notebook of content ideas I’ve been sitting on just waiting to share with you is getting pretty thick. You know what they say – there’s no time like the present or the summer after a pandemic has ended.

I imagine you’re going to be pretty busy too with all the summer fun heading your way so feel free to leave your email below to make it easier for you to stay connected (unless you’re more of an IG person…)!

We definitely have something special going here, seeing as how you showed up and all. With that being said, it’s only right we take our friendship to the next level. It feels appropriate to get more intimate and tell you who I am, considering we’ll be hanging out a lot these next few months. Since I’ve committed to being here for the long haul, I want you to know me; the real me. I should tell you, I’m still working through the strangeness of telling my story; there are far too many times my memories replay like past lives of people I’ve never actually met. Sometimes I think it’s best to leave the past in the past but for the sake of not keeping you around all day, I’ll try and keep it short & sweet. We’ll get to the gushy stuff soon enough!

Between you and me, I contemplated a lot about what I wanted to share with you this way. Like what should I mention before we hit the road…so let’s get to it:

My dad & I

In June of 1996, my loving Aquarius mother and funny Gemini father welcomed me into the world via New York City. As the last kid to join the party of eight, I already had a lot going on. Growing up, if I wasn’t singing or dancing around in my underwear, you could probably find me gluing popsicle sticks to construction paper and calling it art. In our house, self-expression was encouraged and so I spent my time evolving from ballerina to performing in musical theater; popsicles to paint, and; big cities to small towns.

Just shy of my 10th birthday, our family moved to Pennsylvania and life as I knew it completely changed. Much of my early days were spent trying to find my space in a new place but somewhere along the way, things got a bit fuzzy. My comfort came from music and books – getting lost in melodies and short stories waiting for the day I’d begin to write my own. The day my 18th birthday came, I ran free intending to do just that.

Entering my young adult life at full speed, as a people-pleaser with a toxic mindset and low self-esteem, I was heading nowhere fast. You see, I was so excited to run that I never stopped to learn how to walk. With a “fall down seven, stand up eight” mentality, one day I looked down and realized it was simply my shoelaces that were untied. A few months after my 21st birthday, I was a depressed, divorced college dropout leaving yet another abusive relationship without a clue or a crumb.

fall down seven, stand up eight

As the holiday season of 2018 approached, I was no longer able to avoid my demons and dreams. The loving hand of a family member pulled me out of the toxic town that enabled all my self-sabotaging mannerisms and I was finally forced to take accountability for my life. Sitting down with my inner child, I was mortified by how bad I felt I had fucked it all up – school, work, my relationships with friends and family, my life. There was a period I was almost certain there was no way to fix or undo all the damage I had done so I decided the only thing left to do was heal.

Despite not being in school, I learned more during those two years than ever before. It took several months to forgive myself and unlearn harmful habits that were contributing to my monthly downfalls. I wouldn’t say I journaled my way out of depression but building a solid foundation to stand on definitely helps. I dedicated this time in my life to creating routines I envisioned my best self would do, grew a connection to my inner magic, and finally tuned in to my intuition.

You know that moment you stub your toe, forget your mask at home, or just anything inconvenient happens and you’re stuck wondering “why me?” I had finally stopped looking at my life that way and toyed with the idea that all the things I had previously thought were too good to be true could in fact be meant for me. I learned that happiness doesn’t have to be this big mission in life and I’m in charge of creating my reality. The universe was singing loudly for so long and I could finally now hear her song – life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock 🎶

okay that was actually Hannah Montana but you get the point

hey, i’m Bri(: it’s so nice to meet you!

Processed with VSCO

I believe in magic and second chances. When I’m not listening to music or reading tarot cards, writing words on pages is how I soothe my soul. If you asked me what my favorite color was every day for a week, I’d most likely tell you a different answer each day but most days it would be pink 😋 Photography has always fascinated me and I’m currently spending time learning how to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. I love making others laugh, watering my plants, and talking about what makes us who we are. Every day is a good day to have a great day and learn something new and I like to always remember that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and this summer it’s here with you!

You might call me a witch, sometimes you might even want to call me a bitch (like that bitch, of course) but from here on out, you can always call me a friend. This summer I plan to come here daily and share something special with you; whether it’s about the trip we’re on, amazing music in the world, beautiful poetry and photographs to celebrate it all – I’m so excited to create this place to compile all the good times.

Through these posts and pictures, I hope to always remind you that you have the power to create the life you want to live.

After countless hours trying to niche down and brand myself, I’m giving myself the summer off to be as I am and share my authentic self. In a world wide web full of filters and photoshop, the theme of my work this summer is raw beauty. While working through creative and personal barriers, I hope to curate my perfect summer aesthetic of things that make me smile.

Now that you know more about who’s steering the ship this summer, I’d like to know more about who’s onboard!

Drop a comment and let me know what lead you here (are we facebook friends, IG homies, maybe we were strangers before you got here today…), what your plans on for the summer and something interesting about you. If you don’t want to comment, send me a DM and tell me what you think! 😁

cheers to the most magical and memorable summer yet ✨

until next time,

Bri C 💞

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