Top Five Sustainable Favorites From Etsy Currently On My Wish List

Today while scrolling through Etsy, an accidental wishlist was born in anticipation of this holiday season.

Uh, holiday?

Yes, my birthday is less than two weeks away so it’s time to start the celebration! And of course, Father’s Day is coming up too…

Growing up with a mother who needs a list for just about every occasion, I’ve come to appreciate the collective gift list I spend majority of the year building up in my notes for special holidays like my birthday and Christmas. [As an indecisive Gemini who struggles with asking for things, this habit is super helpful.]

After a year of committing to a sustainable lifestyle, that wishlist has completely changed. Having spent so much time decluttering and unlearning hoarding tendencies, my perspective on receiving (and asking for) gifts has shifted too. As I learn how to incorporate eco-friendly habits and conscious consumerism into my daily living, I’m made aware of how my actions impact others, especially the people around me.

While planning out a sustainable celebration for my 25th birthday, I figured; why stop there?

Here’s a list of gifts that will feel as good giving as they will receiving:

1. Vinyl Record Fabric Print

This sustainable canvas, mounted and ready to hang upon arrival, is perfect for absolutely any music lover. Personalize it by submitting song lyrics and a special date for you and your significant other. According to the description, this gift is the perfect 4th and 12th- anniversary gift.

2. Recycled Vinyl Record Journal

To be honest, I’m a bit on the fence with this notebook. While I love the concept, the only way I would definitely purchase was if I knew the records were recycled. As a vinyl record enthusiast, it would pain me to see a perfectly good record destroyed…but I guess that’s art, huh? You’re probably now wondering why this is number two if that’s the case…well I have a thing for journaling so..

3. Wildflower Bikini

Made from recycled materials, this floral print bikini is a summer essential making it the perfect Gemini Szn present. Even though this can’t double as a father’s day gift, it still has a rightful place on this list simply for being so cute (and sustainable). With all the adorable patterns available, it was hard to pick just one!

4. Sheet Music Art

While looking for art to decorate our (nonexistent but very much alive in my mind) vinyl room, I found this artwork printed on vintage sheet music and fell head over heels. This is the perfect gift for every musician, music teacher, music lover you know. As much as I’d love to receive this as a gift, I’ll be sending this to someone I love very soon.

5. Biodegradable iPhone Case

This eco-friendly essential is the perfect gift for just about anyone you know who has a phone. Birthday gift, father’s day gift, a gift just because you care; who needs a reason with a case as cute as this one? Despite being a one OtterBox owning kind of girl, I wouldn’t mind starting an extensive collection of 2 cases with this cutie.

which gift would you be glad to unwrap at your birthday?

cheers to conscious consumerism 🎁

until next time,

Bri C

p.s. watch out world, I make memes now!!!

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