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hello, hello, hello

My name is Bri Cruz and I’m the creator of this digital collection.

Born a true to heart Gemini sun child with a Leo moon, my passions involve creativity and communication. Here you’ll find everything I’m doing from making YouTube videos and podcast episodes to growing a vinyl collection and a plethora of plants. Some topics that peak my interest include sex positive culture, music, sustainable living, and art.

This is a safe space to celebrate creativity, sex, and the universe.


Our Vinyl Collection – Substack // weekly newsletter

Say Cheeze! – Anchor // monthly podcast

Bri Cuz I Said So – WP Podcast thru Anchor // weekly podcast

Bri Cuz I Said So – YouTube

Etsy Shop – Be Silly, Be Savage Prints & Paintings

OnlyFans – toes & clothes, making art 😉



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